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Welcome to the number one resource for pokies you will find online. If you’re keen to get spinning the reels right away, we’ve listed the top 5 pokies sites below. Truth be told, there’s not much to separate these sites and I play at all of them, but the ones closer to the top have slightly better bonuses and free spin promotions for pokie players. As an Australian punter, one of the biggest challenges that we have is finding great online casinos in which we can play online pokie games for real cash.

Sure, there are several great places to play pokies online, but there are also a lot of sites that really don’t offer anything great. The good news is that we have spent a lot of time pouring over the various sites that offer free online pokies, and can tell you the best ones in which to play. Because of the current state of legality in Australia, some great casinos are not available to us. Thankfully, many casinos continue to offer pokie action to Australian residents, and we can still play some great games.

When it comes to the various, the main types found are:

Traditional – These games usually have three reels of action and include traditional symbols such as fruit, 7s, bells, and bar symbols. While they aren’t as common as video pokies, the games are still a hit, as they can award some staggering jackpots to punters.

Video – A much more complex variant on the pokie, these games are what many people think of when they hear the terms “online pokie” or “slot”. They are games that offer between 3 and 5 reels, have multiple paylines, and generally include some form of animation or bonus game. The record for a pokie win is more than $18 million!

Online pokies Australia

When you first hear the words “Online Pokies,” you might think one of the words is misspelled, but in fact, “Pokies” is the natural spelling. There are a lot of questions that are frequently asked about the game, and many of them will be answered right here. Within the following information, you will find the answers you seek and possibly some extra information you wouldn’t think to expect about what this odd sounding game entails.

To get you initiated to Online Pokies, we will cover a brief history of the game, go over some of the basic Pokies controls, and to close, we will cover tips on how to play the games responsibly (and knowing when to STOP playing, which is a major issue for some players). Pokie games can be fun, if played the right way, and knowing your own personal limits, after all this is gambling.

A Brief History! What Are Pokies?

Gambling has, in one way or another, been involved in the world’s earliest history, but the invention of the slot machine by American Charles Fey, changed the course of gambling into a whole new game. This is where the now-proclaimed poker machine is derived from. Aristocrat, an Australian company, sought to better the slot machine game by inventing the first Pokies game, the Clubman in 1953 by Joe Heywood, later changed to The Clubmaster in 1955.

In the 1980’s, the game changed even more, as video was added to the slot machines, and accompanied by the lights, became a favorite of gamblers from Las Vegas to Sydney, Australia. Since video was added to the already addicting games, more lines for betting and newer, more complicated bonus games are being added almost daily. Now, enough about the history, let’s get into the fun of pokie machines for a bit, knowing what kinds of games and how to play them is the real information you want to know, right?

How Do You Play Online Pokies?

We are all human, and the first reaction is to dive in headfirst and see what we need to do after the fact, when this approach always results in lost money and heartache. That’s why knowing the game before you play will give you that special edge to increase your chances of winning and walking away a happier bloke with a fatter wallet to boot. Like in any form of gambling, there is no code to crack to win it big, simply inserting currency in the form of a coin in the acceptor and trying to win according to that specific game’s rules. This is also the main practice for Online Pokies, for there are online and offline forms of the game. You can play them on your desktop computer as well as on your mobile phone.

Buttons, Buttons, Where Are The Buttons?!

Playing the game can take on different forms, but the button layouts for the different game types remain virtually the same in coordination. The typical button set up for a Pokies game, whether it is pokie machine online or offline, consists of a top row and bottom row of buttons, each with their own relative meaning to one another.

In the top row consists six buttons, the Collect button located on the left, is to end your play and retrieve your currency from either the Pokies machine or a gaming attendant. The buttons from the left correspond to how many gaming credits the player would like to play with; the credits you play are either 1, 5, 10, 20 and 25 credits per line spun. Along with gauging how much to play with, four of the buttons, typically 1, 5, 20 and 25, are suit options, like in poker, when playing under the Gamble option of the games.

The bottom row of buttons being played with has equal meaning to the game, but can change the nature of the game considerably, for the more lines won accompanied by high betting credits means large rewards.

The first button to the left has two features, Take Win and Reserve.

· The Take Win option gives the player the option of taking his or her winnings from the gambling mode, or to stop the betting process and display the final win total amount.
· Reserve, is the option used to take a break, which suspends play on the given machine for 3 minutes time, a feature that is primarily seen in games within pubs and clubs. The buttons that follow correlate to how many lines each wager is spun for; 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 lines can be spun with proper credits.

· Next is the Gamble button, which gives the player the option to place a bet on the spin, for then a player picks a color, red or black, or chooses to suit the bet.

· And finally, the Start Feature button, which is the button used when the player wishes to play a bonus game that has been won 5 bonus games can be played after winning the feature). Now that you know the buttons, focus on your wallet and winning it big, because again there is no mystery to winning a Pokies game. The odds are always in the house’s favor, whether it be for money or recreation so you’ll want to poke around online (pun intended) to find a strategy that gives you back the edge.

Here are some online casino Australia portals that host Online Pokie games:

These are the leading sites for Online Pokies that include a payout, and some, like Jackpot City, have sign up bonuses in excess of $1600! Be warned, however, that the majority of these gaming sites are based out of Australia, so the amount of currency you play with, may be more or less depending on the exchange