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? Android pokies for mobile

Mobile pokies are the number one way to play online pokies in Australia! Whether you have an iPhone, Android or a tablet, the following websites are 100% compatible with your mobile device and have been tested rigorously over all platforms.

? Difference between mobile pokies and pokies on a computer:

The biggest difference between mobile pokies and playing pokies on a computer would be quite obvious im sure! Playing on a computer can be a fantastic experience, but no good if you are out and about a lot or just sitting on the couch, especially if you only own a desktop computer and not a laptop. Even with laptops they are quite cumbersome to play games on as the keyboards can be small and a touch mouse is very annoying at times.

They are also not too good at sitting on unstable surfaces like your lap (despite being called a laptop!). the beautiy of playing mobile pokies is that you have the accessability no matter where you are. Even if you are most of the time at home playing pokies, it’s much more comfortable using an iPad on the couch or your mobile than a laptop. You are also not confined to just your home, you have the ability to play where ever you are and with ease. A lot of time is wasted these days commuting to work and back, so playing mobile pokies on the bus or train has become quite popular. Just like people play angry birds, people play pokies too!

? Play pokies on various mobile devices

Since the birth of the smartphone, games have become the biggest seller on mobile platforms by far. Luckily, the mobile pokie software is actually free, but you have to deposit money into your account. Thankfully, due to the popularity throughout the world for tablets and smart phones, all of the main software platforms are support like iPhone, all Android devices and also Blackberry. Some are also supporting the new Windows Mobile as they have become very popular in Europe and Australia as of late. One of my pet hates is game makers that don’t develop mobile games for iPad and iPhone seperately. Luckily, my favourite mobile pokies websites have, so the experience is fantastic on which ever one you want to play on. No zooming in to 2 x on the iPad to play pokies! Give it a try and play FairGo pokies online.

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? Link your accounts together across all devices!

If you are like me, then you have multiple devices in the house you want to play mobile pokies on. I have an Android phone, but have 2 iPads (iPad 2 + iPad mini) and I couldn’t think of anything worse than trying to manage three difference accounts to play on. You have the ability to log into the one account, across all your devices, meaning if you do a deposit on your Android device, you can still use the money on your iPad to play pokies and it will update real time on all devices.

? Game differences between mobile pokies and PC pokies

There isn’t much difference between mobile and PC pokies to be honest. This is because smart phones have become very powerful and have the ability to play high resolution games now. Online pokies aren’t too resource hungry on a mobile device or tablet, yet still look amazing and play really well. You may notice a bit of jerkyness if you have one of the first or second gen iPhones, but other than that you should be fine. I personally think that the games look better on the iPhone devices over Blackberry and Android coming in second.

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