Fair Go Casino Australia and Bonus Codes 2019

Australia has had a tough few years with regards to its gambling industry. With the highest per capita gambling population, the citizens certainly enjoy all things gambling and are always looking for ways skirt the law. Of course, this happens not just in Australia, but all countries where the government tries to control all types of betting and gambling. Unfortunately for the Australians, the government has made life difficult for those who enjoy this type of fun and excitement. Fortunately, there are a few casinos which have stayed the course and have themselves to the Australian gambling public and they mean the same as casino-mate to Aussie players

What makes Fair Go casino so popular in Australia?

In the words of Aristotle, “Nature Abhors a Vacuum”, and when the government started coming down on gambling sites, many casinos fled the country leaving a void for others to fill. With the likes of Microgaming fleeing in droves, it took a lot of courage for Fair Go Casino to jump in and pick up the slack while others were heading for the hills.

Now many in the industry will say that it was no big deal for a company such as Fair Go to stay put in Australia, but if you go back, these casinos wanted no part of the Australian gambling industry. It took courage and resilience for Fair Go to stay in Australia, but this is not the end of the story.

Could other casinos have done as well as Fair Go in Australia?

Although Fair Go was one of only a few casinos that stayed, there was still competition in the industry with a few not making it this far. It was only with Fair Go’s quality product that it was able to climb to the top of the pyramid and become the most popular online casino in Australia that accepts Neosurf cards for deposits.

Fair Go is not number one by default, but because they provide a quality product with a variety of casino games, bonuses and promotions, and customer service above the average company. Blackjack, Pokies, Poker, Keno, and other games are some of the best in the online business. One of Fair Go’s signature games are its Progressive Jackpots on their Pokies which for Australians is a great way to win big bucks with just one spin.

Where is the future for gambling in Australia?

FairGo Casino Australia login 2019As the million-dollar question for both players and casinos, the future for gambling in Australia is one which I would not bet on and make a prediction. But as fast as the laws change in this country, I would not be surprised if these laws change in favor of casinos and gamblers. No doubt many casinos are questioning their exit from the Australian market and are jockeying for position back into the country. Behind the scenes there is a lot of discussion happening regarding getting back into the market despite the complicated situation.

What we do know about gambling in Australia is that Fair Go was one of the few that stayed in the market and provided those players with a great casino option. They never abandoned the market while providing a great gambling option despite the environment. Fair Go will continue to provide a top-notch gambling experience and will always be remembered for its dedication and commitment to Australia and its gamblers.

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